Do You Have an Ijaaza to Perform Hijama?

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Directory of Authorized Ijaaza Practitioners

It is long past due to rescue the important Hijama sunnah from the many frauds who claim they can perform Hijama without receiving an Ijaaza from a qualified and fully authorized Hijama teacher. Dozens of new "practitioners" who are hanging their signs up to start a hijama clinic are entering the field each month. If you are happy with such unqualified, self promoting people, most welcome to continue using their services. But if you want authentic Hijama services, from well vetted, high moral character, connected and authorized practitioners you must find someone with a proper ijaaza.

An ijaaza is only as good as the authorizing instructor (Sheikh). If you do not know the named teacher to be someone who has completed the rigorous training under a qualified teacher, do not use them. Find someone whom you know their teacher and have full trust in their authority.

We are in the process of revamping the Ijaaza practitioner directory. If you wish to be considered for inclusion please
email us with a description of where, how and from whom you received your ijaaza.

Hijama vs Cupping

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