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  The trend towards Message Cupping is DANGEROUS - brining dead blood cells to the surface without extraction is very foolish. HijamavsCupping.com

Why is Ijaaza for Hijama so Important?

Next Available Hijama Dates Ijaaza Training Course



In response to the many fraudulent Hijama Certification programs out there, some charging over one-thousand dollars to attend, we have decided to offer a free Hijama Training Course in April.  The cost is absolutely free but you will need to either bring your own cups or purchase some when you arrive. Students who show promise will be assisted in receiving their ijaaza to practice Hijama from an authorized master.  We are looking for sincere people to learn this important sunnah who do not wish to make a career out of it but rather wish to help people. We can only accommodate about twenty people. You must pay a reservation fee to attend the class but that fee will be fully returned if you attend as promised. We have to do this to ensure that we do not get people saying they are coming and then not showing up. The reservation fee is $50.00 and will be forfeited if you do not give at least thirty days notice of cancellation. 

Jumada Al-Akhir, the 17th lunar day, likely corresponding to Monday, April 6th 2015 will be the next possible day for Hijama services.  Sunday the 12th of April will likely be the only other day it is appropriate to perform Hijama which corresponds with Jumada Al-Akhir, the 23rd lunar day. These days could change so please consult the website a week or two before your scheduled appointment or these posted times. We will post final results on or near the end of March 2015

Make your reservation here. 

Contact Us and we will send you more details. 


Those opportunists who are expert in marketing their services and are offering certificate training courses both in person and over the Internet are cheating people and are not qualified to practice HIJAMA!  There can be no comparison between someone morally vetted and given permission by an authorized master and someone who read books and was self taught and is now offering courses to others. Allah protect us from such people.

People are free to choose who they wish to support, but it is our highest warning to not allow someone without an ijaaza perform "cupping on your person.

Why do not more practitioners have an ijaaza, because it can be very difficult and often times impossible for morally unfit people to obtain an ijaaza. We are not saying that someone without ijaaza is morally unfit, we are saying there is no way for you to be certain. All cures come from Allah and if not sanctioned by Allah the healing power and energy that only comes from Allah is absent or greatly compromised. 

Now in Connecticut suddenly an "expert" has decided to start teaching cupping (hijama) with only two years direct experience and apparently having received their training on-line. We can not emphasize enough the need to be cautious of these people claiming to be expert, operating fancy websites, loading their sites with all sorts of testimonials and degrading the honored system of ijazza. These are the same people attempting to get governments to regulate hijama so they can appear to be the real experts while all the while ignoring the far superior ijaaza system of authorized hijama practitioners. 

If they continue this sharade we will be forced to list these frauds here for all to know who is really offering hijama services and who is offering cupping. Do not be fooled by all the quoted hadith and many false claims. 

By the Grace of Almighty Allah, Announcing the Grand Opening of the Healing Hearts Hijama Clinic

The new Hijama Practitioner Clinic is open to all who wish to come for hijama. Hijama is offered on a donation basis, but for those coming from out of town we recommend an appointment which requires an advance payment fee. Men are welcome to sleep on the Masjid floor for one day before or after their session. We should also have accommodations for women in the near future, God willing. Please see the information below and consult the website for more details.

All of you can help preserve the sunnah of our beloved Prophet and maintain the superior Ijaaza system by helping to promote this page. There are so many frauds out there now operating without Ijaaza and establishing themselves as an authority to issue certificates. This ignorant behavior is destroying real Islam. Why people throw the superior form of ijaaza training behind their backs and opt for a business that package and labels you with a false certificate and endorses you as a slave to a corporate Shaiton system is beyond all reason.  People selling cupping / hijama certificates are business people, nothing more. The entire system of Western education is a fraud, but most Muslims are running after it, eager to be commercial or material slaves. Eager to have a false identity to make them so proud. Time to change all that. Support only ijaaza practitioners.

Thank you!!

Next Available Hijama Dates   

We will commence offering Hijama in the Spring as it is always best to perform Hiajma in the warmer months unless it is an emergency situation. 

Jumada Al-Akhir, the 17th lunar day, likely corresponding to Monday, April 6th 2015 will be the next possible day for Hijama services.  Sunday the 12th of April will likely be the only other day it is appropriate to perform Hijama which corresponds with Jumada Al-Akhir, the 23rd lunar day. These days could change so please consult the website a week or two before your scheduled appointment or these posted times. We will post final results on or near the end of March 2015

What you need to consider before coming for Hijama

Thank you for making real Hijama services available to others. 

We very much appreciate the generous donation we received from one brother (he knows who he is) it helped us at a time where we are trying to get the practitioner room ready at the new Dargah / Mosque seen below.

Alhamdulillah, Allah blessed us with a new Healing Hearts Hijama Clinic where we will have a little mosque and a practitioner room offering hijama and other alternative health services. In the near future, insha'Allah, there will be a Khan (travelers lodge) of sorts where people coming for hijama and other services may stay. You must be a member of the Darga of Healing Hearts to stay at the Dargah. The travelers lodge runs on membership fees and donations. If we did not have this arrangement we would have to open to the public. Contact us for details on how to become a member. We are not big on membership arrangements, but in the States there seems to not be an alternative.

We will be painting the exterior green soon and taking down the sign. Hurray, the sign is now down!  As funds become available we will beautify the entire property.  The location is 285 Laurel Hill Ave, Norwich CT 06360 overlooking the Thames River, The views are spectacular and very relaxing.  Please keep us in your du'a that this space remain dedicated to the service of Allah Almighty.

There are many apartments in this area and we invite those looking to become part of a community to inquire with us about those apartments and properties located near the Dargah.

We also have affiliate hijama sites at:

Traditional Cupping and Hijama vs Cupping


Ijaaza Training Course for Hijama Practitioners

You have a choice you can take one of these fraudulent cupping courses that quote hadith after hadith to try to get you believe they are actually teaching you something correct, or you can be properly vetted by a true Hijama master and be secure in knowing you are serving Allah and not your ego. The process is very simple, you go see the actual master and he decides if you are ready or not. Not based on his likes or dislikes but based on istakara and divine authorization. If you are not understanding this method you are welcome to follow whatever you believe to be correct, but don't say we did not warn you when Allah shows you the real reason you started offering cupping services without proper authorization. If they approve you to perform hijama, we will gladly spend as much time as it takes training you in hijama. If you have any questions please call, but please do not argue with us about the need for an ijaaza. 

For the honor of the most honored amongst mankind, Saydinah Muhammad (saw)


Sheikh Umar Rabbani

Hijama Book Review

Someone making a review of our book. Does not matter who. The review is not important, but the response below is very important to understand how determined non-ijaaza practitioners are in undermining the practice of hijama.

February 7 2014

Besmillah ir rahman nir raheem,

There is no strength and no power accept from Allah.
My response is in keeping with my long established position.  If one does not have an authorized ijaaza to practice hijama then we should construe all of their efforts as coming from their ego and that of pure self promotion. People establish "cupping" organizations, unions, websites, directories, engaging in hundreds of hours of SEO work, all to be perceived as an authority and thus an expert on the subject. But, as always, without an ijaaza it is nothing, all smoke and mirrors, all a complete fraud.  We endeavor only to be weak servants of our Creator, full stop. We are not people who run after fame, position, title, importance, reviews, money, etc. If we are we are blowing smoke up our own ass and deluding ourselves into thinking we serve Allah Almighty and are following the example of our beloved Prophet. This is the sunnah that needs renewal, the sunnah of understanding where real knowledge comes from and as we head into extremely difficult times, it is this sunnah that will protect and save us all from hell fire. The state of the Ummah is in a crisis and Muslims are not understanding what it means to be Muslim - I am sorry to say.  Opinions are like but-holes, everyone has one. We are not people of opinions, but your endless "scholarly" debates go on forever. You will never reach real knowledge and service unto your lord until you understand where knowledge comes from.  Ijaaza is the perfect system of vetting people for high moral character to insure they are free from their wild egos. Most everything people are doing to "promote the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad" is a fraud to boost their own status in this material life.  Your book review is under this category as it is one more attempt to make you superior to all others - to stand out.

To the extent this book reaches one more person, we are happy, but only if it imparts this message to the readers.

You are welcome to review the book - as you like - no permission is necessary as it is a public document. If you would like to include this response, most welcome.

Isa is returning soon with sword held high and heads will role soon for the many misrepresentations (opinions) we as "Muslims" make about Islam.

Allah make us true servants of Imam Mehdi and Isa (as) and cause us to fight under the glorious banner of our beloved Prophet (saw)

My goal is not to make people angry with my words, the desired effect is to wake at least one person up.

For the honor of the most honored amongst mankind Saydinah Muhammad (saw)



HARMING PEOPLE, HARMING PEOPLE, HARMING PEOPLE, Hundreds of Muslims now harming people because they became experts over night to impress everyone that they are like doctors now and do not believe in the ijaaza system. The ones who appear the most professional are usually the worst people to seek help from.  The white coat, fancy clinic, certificates on the wall, talk of years of experience, high prices are all indications you have found the wrong practitioner.

November 21, 2013


I (was) just want to share my experience.

I had Hijama done early September this year. I also had a dry massage done on my face.

After about four weeks i noticed my veins became more prominant all over my body and especially damaged veins on my face near the bridge of my nose and on top of my eyes.

I did all my research prior to going amd had no medical or any health problems. Since having tje hijama done i have bruise like veins on my face which i didnt have before as wel as pronounced veins on my body.

I am completely clueless as to why and how this can happen.


Dry message is one of the most dangerous and idiotic things you can do to your body. You are drawing dead poison blood cells to the surface and then leaving them their to clot and cause illness.  The best thing you can do is wait till spring and do the entire body as prescribed by someone who actually knows what they are doing and not doing it as a business.

Allah bless you and keep you safe.

Perhaps this valuable lesson will lead you to understand the importance of a real Shaykh.

October 2, 2013

I received a plea for help from a brother in Denmark who was told by a "doctor" who was performing cupping not hijama, that he required three separate treatments to be "cured" He said the first two seemed to help and then the third treatment reversed all the benefit he felt he received from the first and possibly second treatment.


When are people going to listen. Just because someone claims to be a doctor, or claims to have a certificate for hijama, does not QUALIFY them to be practicing hijama. No doubt this "doctor" received his certificate from one of these high priced 'Hijama" clinics who are cheating and harming people. The reason why he recommended three treatments is because you can make more money. Three back-to-back treatments is very dangerous. All you should have and need is one proper treatment no more than twice a year.

So please people instead of contacting me after you are cheated, listen to what we are saying here and be absolutely certain you receive your treatment from a real ijaaza practitioner. The new trick is to say that they received their ijaaza from Prophet Muhammad (saw).  Shaitons, every last one of them are shaitons.

May Allah save us from such foolish people claiming to revive the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad while potentially killing Islam and people in the process.

For the honor of the most honored in creation, Saydinah Muhammad (saw).


  We receive calls and emails from all over the world from people searching for an authorized Ijaaza Hijama Practitioner. 
We are upset that we can not recommend more practitioners as most of them are not true ijaaza practitioners.
If you are a real ijaaza practitioner we would love to hear from you and start referring you clients.
Inclusion will require verification of your ijaaza with a proper isnad.
Please contact us with your details.

Preparing for Your Hijama Session

Many people are traveling great distances to receive hijama from a qualified ijaaza practitioner. Last month we had a brother from Detroit and another from Washington DC. The month before a sister from Maryland. With people coming such great distances we have decided to offer the following to make certain that your experience is maximized to the fullest extent possible.

Here are some things to consider when coming for Hijama.

Bring a Friend

If possible bring a friend or family member. Imparting this knowledge to others is very important. It will make your trip more pleasant and will provide you with a spotter during your Hijama session. Approximately one out of every twenty people will faint when hijama is performed. This is fairly normal as blood pressure can drop suddenly and cause people to have cold sweats and sometimes loose consciousness. This happens more frequently with people who have not followed our preliminary directions and amongst those having hijama on their head. When we have several people coming for Hijama we often appoint one person as the spotter for the others, but it is better if you have a friend or family member perform this function. One of the primary reasons we perform hijama in the seated position is to quickly know when someone faints as removing the cups quickly is important.

Wear suitable clothing.

Your aura (for men, the space between your naval and knee) should be covered to hide your nakedness. We will likely be making baggy pants for men and suitable clothing for women to change into, but until then please try to dress appropriately. Even hen preparing a body for burial do we protect someone's dignity, so lets try to do the same while you are alive.

Where to Stay?

We have a new Dargah now http://www.healingheartssufidargah.com that currently can accommodate men on the Masjid floor (cushions) and may soon have a place for women to stay as well. Please contact us if interested. There are several reasonably priced hotels in the area. We are not fond of women traveling alone, but in cases where you have no choice, call us for help as we will try to accommodate single ladies. Call Fatima, as she is the one performing hijama on ladies.

It is best not to push yourself driving the same day you have hijama performed. We highly recommend you come a day early and leave the following day after the hijama session.

Preparing for Hijama

Abstain from all sexual behavior at least 48 hours before and after a hijama session. Try to eat as organic and healthy as possible, staying away from sodas and other poison foods. The morning of the hijama session do not eat or drink anything other than a little water or one cup of non acidic herbal tea. (mint tea is acidic, so be careful what herbal teas you use) Chamomile tea is a good choice, if necessary. Shower the morning of your session making the intention of a full ablution for the dedication of performing this important sunnah. Pray two raka asking Allah for a healing and forgiveness. Make a small donation box or cup and each day place at least one coin morning and evening as a charitable gift, then give it to the needy. Charity heals and protects from illness. Keep your prayers, fast and meditate (remember Allah) often.

Walking after Hijama

Sleeping or resting after a hijama session is highly discouraged as the possibility of blood clotting is the only real danger in having hijama performed. That danger is virtually eliminated if you walk a short 20 to 30 minutes after a session. We have a walking machine if you prefer indoors or you can take a walk down the country road.

Where to Eat after Hijama?

People who come for hijama are our guests. You may join us for meals while here. Eating out today is very foolish. Fast food is poison, in fact mot restaurant food is poison. Most grocery store food is poison. Many employees do not even wash their hands before preparing your food. Most of the food is GMO industrial grade food, not organic, or natural. Industrial food is full of pesticides and chemicals, many not tested or approved by the FDA. Even those that are approved by the FDA are fraudulent representations supported by corruption and greed. Many of you are suffering from the effects of fluoride in your water, GMO food, chemicals in your environment, multiple deadly vaccines, chemtrails spraying barium and aluminum sulfate all over you and side effects from poison pharmaceuticals. Changing your life is critically important in surviving this intention attack on your life to cull the worlds population down to less than a billion people. Sounds fantastic, but it is very true. Hijama will jump start your system and help you heal, but you must STOP the madness and eat healthy.

Renewed Energy - Physical, Mental, Spiritual - Benefits of Hijama

It is not uncommon at all for people to feel an immediate renewed energy after a hijama session, especially when they listen to us and walk thirty minutes after the session. This renewed feeling and the benefits of hijama will be seen over the next forty days after your session. Everyone who has come has by the Grace of Almighty Allah has reported feeling very comfortable and at home in our house, commenting it is like going on a retreat. Ideally when enough people start to realize the benefits of getting away to a location dedicated to Allah, we will have the support and means to establish a real dargah where people can come for several days or weeks at a time to re-dedicate themselves to Allah. Until then you are most welcome and we will do our best to make you feel right at home.

Dangers of Innovation in Cupping

When money drives a practitioner health of a patient suffers. Many practitioners set up fancy clinics to attract people to their services. They also charge large sums of money while claiming to be servants of God. Would you charge someone to learn to pray? Can you accept a gift if one is offered for spending hours teaching a child to recite Qur'an? In a similar manner we should not be claiming to be reviving the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad and being servant of Allah and then charge for hijama. Turning hijama into a business destroys the healing benefits of hijama and causes many dangerous innovations. Practitioners are using plastic cups and machine pumps to perform hijama. The spiritual and physical benefits of the property of fire are not fully known or understood, but should not be ignored. Whenever possible adherence to the example of Prophet Muhammad's methods of performing Hijama should be followed without question. The possibility of burning the skin and the difficulty in using fire to create the suction causes money driven practitioners to offer clients what they want, not what is best. Creating to much suction by using a pump is just one danger in deviating from the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad. The sterile benefits of fire along with benefits still unknown come from obedience to Allah's messenger. The spiritual benefits we will not attempt to even discuss but only ask the question, how does the property of fire effect the benefits hijama may have on removing jinns?  Plenty, I should say.

Associated Costs

We do not charge for Hijama as we would not expect to be charged for learning Quran or being taught how to pray. True servants of Allah do not ask for money or donations as they realize that their riz (sustenance) comes from the Creator of all Things not our own efforts. When you stop chasing after dunya, dunya will chase after you. This is an understanding that is almost lost today. Hijama is not a business. Turning it into a business destroys the healing benefits. We could write a book on this subject of charity and healing, but suffice it to say it is our job to serve and your job to support those truly serving Allah. If intending on giving a contribution to support our work then please do so with something of intrinsic value like silver coins. It carries with it much more power. If not able to find silver coins, cash would be preferable to checks. There is no obligation to contribute anything, but if you are not happy with the services received for your own benefit and protection, contribute something to someone else in need and dedicate it to the healing you may have received. With proper charity comes real healing.

Medical History and Release for Hijama

When you arrive for your hijama session you will be asked to complete a simple medical history and release form. We offer hijama as a religious practice and are not medical professionals. The form better outlines our intention and practices. By signing the form you are acknowledging that you are performing hijama as a religious practice and understand that the practitioner operates under the superior ijaaza system and are exempt from any licensing requirements as would any rabbi be exempt in performing a circumcision. Your medical history will be held in strict confidence and only used for internal purposes to track progress of participants. If you would like to have an advance copy of the form to fill out before coming contact us with your request.

Hijama Appointments

We generally do not accept appointments because when you start to organize you begin to fail as a true servant. Come when you can and if we are very busy you can enjoy sitting and talking with others, reading Quran or other holy books, or helping out around the dargah. You can call to confirm the actual hijama dates or if you have any specific questions. Please value our time as we are very busy, but we are happy to take what time is needed to help you in any way we can. Often we spend time counseling people who come with root problems causing their illnesses.

Hijama for Women and Children

We do not perform hijama on children. We do however help children on many other levels and they are welcome to come for a consult. So many children are suffering from depression now and can be easily cured. Mostly sexually active men over age thirty benefit from hijama and women beyond menopause. If suffering from specific conditions we also accept persons of other ages. You should call for information about your particular condition before coming. Hijama for women is performed by Fatima, the wife of Sheikh Umar Rabbani. Call her with any female concerns.

What is Religion

For the most part, religion is GOOD MANNERS. Please do not come to argue your ideas with us. We have a very qualified and divinely authorized teacher and are not in need of unqualified opinions or ideas. While we are happy to explain things you may not yet understand, please do not arrive with the notion that you will teach us or change our thinking towards your own ideas. This is not only arrogant but very rude. If coming for service from a qualified ijaaza practitioner, then you must trust the person you are asking for help. Otherwise, find someone else you do trust, agree with, and then pay them their full respect as well.


The Importance of the Superior Ijaaza System.

As-salaamu alaikum,

So many people still not understanding.

All cures come from Allah, full stop. Hijama is only as good as the authorized connection the Practitioner has with the Creator.
No connection, no ijaaza, no ijaaza, no hijama.

People do not understand these days.  We are in an age of ignorance with Muslims thinking a data base search and self study can make them Alims.

Like cupping, pharmaceuticals carry some benefit but come with severe side effects. Cupping has some benefit, but also carries
with it potentially severe side effects, spiritually, physically and mentally.

But people want pills today, so they get pills.

They ignore the connection, thinking that something so simple can be taught by anyone, so no need for an authorized teacher. It is not about learning the skill, it is about the Divine connection and real authorization. Would you have someone who does not wash their hands prepare your food? Someone with a dirty heart can make you much more sick than the germs on dirty hands.

We are living in the 1-800-fatwa age where anyone with an opinion is seen as a Sheikh.  Allah (jj) help us and bring to us an  authorized Sultan to teach us all.

The new deception is for practitioners to say I have an ijaaza from such and such a Sheikh. Without a proper ISNAD unbroken authorized chain back to Prophet Muhammad there is no Ijaaza, no matter what people are claiming. It as if someone bough a medical degree on the Internet and claimed to have attended medical school - a bold lie.

We pray to Almighty Allah that our Ummah wakes up to the importance of authorized teaching and the important and far superior Ijaaza process.

Sheikh Umar Rabbani



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Join the Jihad Against False Hijama Practitioners

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Hijama vs. Cupping is an important work in helping to restore the honor of the ijaaza system and glorify Islam once again. We encourage everyone who believes in this book and what it has to offer to help promote it by including the following icon on your website, Facebook account, blog, etc. You can also sign up to become an affiliate at Amazon.com and earn money while promoting the book.

The book offers much more than just information on Hijama, addressing many important health issues and concerns for everyone looking for optimal health.


Consider for a minute what would happen if the Muslim community focused less on building beautiful Mosques and more on building holistic, organic healthy communities and farms. Lavish Mosques can come after the basics are provided to a community. First and foremost we all need hala (clean) food and the only way to ensure healthy food today is to grow your own.

“Eat of the good things which We have provided for you. (2:173) Eat of what is lawful and wholesome on the earth.” (2:168)

Our food supply is currently being used as a eugenics weapon against us - to literally cull the populations, make you sick, profit from the ill they create and carry out Shaitons plan on earth.

This is perhaps the number one threat to mankind today. You must educate yourself as well as form alliances with your local community to begin growing and controlling your own food sources.


Genetic Roulette - The Gamble of our Lives


The moon phase calendar indicates for the Northern Hemisphere a full moon on the 9th day of September corresponding to the 14th day of the Islamic Finder calendar. We therefore conclude that the Islamic calendar is one day off from the actual full moon day making the 14th day actually the fifteenth day.  The optimal days for hijama are therefore Thursday September 11th corresponding to the 17th day of Thul-Qedah, also Monday September 15th corresponding to the 21st day of Thul-Qedah.

Location: Healing Hearts Sufi Dargah

Address:  285 Laurel Hill Ave, Norwich CT 06360

Local Phone:
(276) 266-5193
Email: healingheartssufidargah@gmail.com


Hijama vs. Cupping is an important work in helping to restore the honor of the ijaaza system and glorify Islam once again. We encourage everyone who believes in this book and what it has to offer to help promote it by including the following icon on your website, Facebook account, blog, etc. You can also sign up to become an affiliate at Amazon.com and earn money while promoting the book.

The book offers much more than just information on Hijama, addressing many important health issues and concerns for everyone looking for optimal health.



When determining the optimal odd cupping days, first and foremost practitioners and clients must consider the actual lunar position (full moon), tidal influences, and not solely based on the odd dates of the (sunnah) new moon sighting which is consistently miscalculated as a result of visibility, electricity (city lights), and other issues. While controversial, the fact remains, the commonly followed Mecca calendar is consistently one day off of the actual odd lunar calendar day. Meaning that when the full moon appears in the sky, on the 15th, it consistently corresponds to the commonly followed 16th Mecca (Saudi) calendar date. Persons who experience the benefits of the Night of Power, who actually know, not believe, but know, are acutely aware of these discrepancies in the commonly followed Mecca (Saudi) calendar days. On important dates such as the start of Ramadan you will find those who know fasting a day earlier, but they are also quick to recommend to everyone to continue fasting until those following the Mecca calendar stop fasting, in order to keep a unified EID celebration. This information is not intended to create division, but with respect to the proper odd day for cupping and receiving the maximum benefits possible it is of paramount importance and therefore needs to be addressed. When the authorized Khalifah of Allah is established these issues will become more clear. If you are not agreeing, their are plenty of people offering cupping, calling it hijama, who follow their mind and ego over Haqq.

As a practitioners with many years of experience, one who has inadvertently cupped on even days, I know the results and benefits substantially differ from the correct odd lunar days and therefore must adhere to the actual lunar dates and what I understand to be the Prophetic wisdom and purposes behind the odd day requirements for hijama - the maqasid al-sharia, or the aims and objectives of the Islamic law. Clients should carefully consider all information before deciding who and when to perform hijama. Insha'a Allah, all those who are sincere in their desire to follow the example of our beloved Prophet (saw) will enjoy full protection from any harm.

The most favored days for cupping are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday corresponding to the actual lunar date of the 17th, 19th and 21st odd lunar days. Cupping should not be performed on Wednesdays.

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are mentioned in the Prophetic tradition as not being favored as they are the Sabbath days for the Muslim, Jewish and Christian nations. Cutting of hair and clipping of nails, etc are also not to be performed on these days as well. While hijama is not strictly prohibited on these days, it is best to avoid these days if there are no other favorable days in a particular lunar month. Therefore, one may perform hijama, especially for emergency cases on these corresponding odd calendar days.  Allah knows best. If at all possible we recommend clients wait till the next month and perform hijama on the optimal days as the benefits are far greater. Hijama should also not be performed when people are fasting an entire compulsory day such as in the month of Ramadan.

There should be no real dangers in performing hijama on the wrong date, with an exception of Wednesdays where cupping should not be performed at all and carries some dangers.

Insha'a Allah, all those sincerely attempting to follow the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (saw) will enjoy protection from any harm.

Please be advised most other Muslim practitioners will differ in their odd day assessment and often blindly follow the commonly followed Mecca (Saudi) calendar. New moon sightings vary, actual lunar odd days do not.

If your cupping treatment does not work, this is likely the real cause.

Join our Twitter accounts to receive important notices.   Practitioners: @cuppingtraining General Public:  @hijamavscupping

Baraka La Feek!


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The book offers much more than just information on Hijama, addressing many important health issues and concerns for everyone looking for optimal health.


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The Superior Ijaaza Training System

 If a government does not accept the superior form of ijaaza training and honor your right as a Muslim to practice your religion as you see fit, then you are dealing with tyrants and you should stop practicing where you are, move to a traditional Muslim land, assert your rights to worship as you see fit, and pray to Almighty God (Allah) that these tyrants be taken away.

The Age of Tyrants is Over!

Government controls are out of control. Their licensing efforts are all designed to destroy you and serve themselves. They take away the baraka of good health, cut the connection you have with Allah (swt) and his beloved friends, and make you a slave to Shaiton. The sooner you understand this the better.

A Marriage license is just one example of how government intervention into religious institutions destroys the benefits of that institution. Marriage is a union under God between man and women, a dedication to Allah and an act of worship. The marriage license was first imposed as a TEMPORARY measure to control venereal disease. Persons wishing to marry were required to get a blood test and license to prove they were clear of any disease. Once the government takes control of something, they never relinquish that control, so the marriage license became a standard practice. Now that a government serving all the people controls who can be married, of course people are saying we deserve equal rights under the government. Thus we have the issue with gay marriage rights today. 501(c)3 charitable status has been another key factor in destroying and controlling religion in America. We could right several books on this subject, but suficient to say that the reversal of government interference in charitable giving is key to restoring humanity. Property taxs are another way the government keeps you slaves, making it impossible for you to live inpeace on your own land and self subsist.

Real Healing Help

Please do not come to us to help you start your foolish business, gain licensing status, satisfy your insurance companies, or generally waste our time. We are not interested in becoming famous, looking for silly titles, degrees and certificates. If you wish to follow western ways, "become one of them", most welcome to do so, but not here.

Those sincerely wanting to become true servants unto their Lord and feel a calling to practice hijama are welcome. You should arrange to come when we offer sessions and be prepared to listen and learn about much more than just hijama. The technical aspects of hijama are very simple and easily learned, which is why the world is full of fraudulent practitioners now.

After attending, you simply go to the "master" hijama teacher and ask him permission to practice. Expect everything to go horribly wrong and to be exposed for your true intentions. True students, sincere in being servants, should go and not leave until they have an answer. This may take days, weeks or months, depending on the student. There is absolutely no guarantee you will receive an ijaaza for hijama. If thinking correctly, you should be relieved not to have the burden of this service on your head.

Let us know when you wish to come and observe a session. The next Hijama session is here.  Be prepared to help as much as you can, and mostly listen rather than speak.

There are no direct costs for the training. Anyone with any sense, understands a donation to the teacher actually benefits the learning process and the student.

We are happy with whatever sustenance Allah (jj) provides us.

SPECIAL NOTICE:  We are not accepting to teach anyone anymore unless they have already gone to an authorized Shaykh and received an Ijaaza to learn from us. The only place we endorse and recommend is in Lefke Cyprus. Shaykh Mehmet, Shaykh Bahuddin, Shaykh Adnan, Shaykh Nazim are the only four people to obtain permission from. Go see them, ask for permission to learn and then practice and then we are at your service.  You may contact us for help in making travel arrangements.



Who Should be Cupped

Preventative cupping (hijama) is predominately prescribed for sexually active men thirty and older. Women are less susceptible to problems associated with cardiovascular illness until they reach the age of menopause. The monthly discharge of blood has a somewhat similar effect as does cupping (hijama). When a women's monthly course stops, preventative cupping (hijama) should be instituted as an annual or biannual preventative procedure for women. If special problems exist, cupping may be performed on women before menopause.

Cupping is an excellent remedy for persons with hypertension (high blood pressure). Those suffering from high blood pressure should be routinely cupped in the spring and fall until pressure normalizes. Proceed thereafter once a year as a preventative maintenance. In cases where high blood pressure results from abnormal cell growth from life long exposure to toxic chemical or directly related to Kidney dysfunction, cupping is less effective but still helps. Drastic lifestyle changes are normally required. Abnormal blood cells are not dead and cupping (hijama) will not remove abnormal cells until they die. Perform cupping to optimizing your system and combat the effects of abnormal cell growth caused by environmental exposures. Environmental illness normally requires a complete change in lifestyle to a naturally organic diet with regular exercise. We offer group seminars on these and other important topics.

While cupping can be an effective treatment for many emergency care situations a discussion of the use of cupping in emergency medicine is beyond the scope of this current work. It has been reported by Prophet Muhammad (saw) as being a cure for all disease. We do not dispute this. Conditions such as modern environmental exposure, toxicity, etc. are more like a limb being cut off than an illness. Cupping (hijama) will not make you grow a new arm or attach a severed leg. If you surgically can reattach the limb, cupping (hijama) will certainly help it heal faster. Environmental illnesses require drastic lifestyle changes.

Cupping is ideally and most effectively used as a preventative procedure.

Persons should also contact their doctors and not rely upon cupping as a substitute for standard medical care. (Legal Disclaimer)

Optimal Times For Cupping

Just as the moon affects the tide of the ocean, it affects the human body. Therefore, cupping should be performed on odd days of the lunar calendar when the forces of the moons pull assist in removing the dead blood cells. It is important to note that most practitioners blindly adhere to the commonly accepted Islamic calendar dates established in Saudi Arabia. These calendar dates are based on moon sightings and can often times be in contradiction with the actual odd day. For example, if it is cloudy one day and the moon can not be sighted it is sunnah (Prophetic tradition) to wait till the moon can be sighted. If conditions continue to not permit sighting then the new month automatically starts after the 31st day of the previous months sighting. This is fine to keep the community  fasting and praying on the same days, but it does nothing to accurately determine the odd day as it relates to tidal forces. It is the tidal forces pulling out the blood from the body like waster from the shore, that is of paramount importance. The good news is if you get it wrong there will be no harm, but clients will not receive optimum results. Once practitioners establish an authentic ODD date, they should continue to calculate the odd dates from that confirmed date.

It should also be done in the second half of the lunar month. The 17th, 19th, and 21st days are the best for cupping. While less favorable, cupping (hijama) can also be performed on the 23rd and 25th days of the lunar month. You may utilize the full moon (15th) and tidal charts to help determine the lunar odd days.

Moderate climate is also important, not to hot and not to cold. When the flowers start to blossom and nature begins it's magical renewal, it is time for Cupping. Cupping may also be performed in the early fall, before the first frost.

Lunar Forces & Effects on the Body

You may have heard that the tide comes in and the tides goes out, but in fact a tide is the vertical movement of water and only goes up and down. Current is the horizontal or sideways flow of water. The current floods in which makes the tide rise and ebbs out which makes the tide fall. A tide is the rise and fall of water caused by gravitational forces of the moon and sun on the oceans of the earth.

How do the movements of the sun and the moon affect tide? The gravitational pull of the moon tugs on the surface of the ocean until its surface mounds up and outward in the direction of the moon. When the mound of water has reached its highest point it is called high tide. On the opposite side of the earth from the moon, the centrifugal force caused by the earth's rotation produces another mound of water and high tide. Between these two high tides are two flat areas on the surface of the ocean which are the low tides.

Each day there are two high tides and two low tides. The time between high and low tide is a little over 6 hours and the entire tidal cycle repeats itself four times each day. The regularity of the tides corresponds to the regular orbit of the moon around the earth and the rotation of the earth as it orbits around the sun.

Depending upon the position of the moon relative to the earth and sun, a moon can have different phases. The phases of the moon are also very regular, and have been used for thousands of years to keep track of time using the lunar calendar. In addition to the daily movements of the moon, these monthly lunar cycles can also impact the tides.

Optimal Points for Cupping

Once again, cupping, with a few emergency exceptions, is best done as a preventative therapy. You will hear us say that often.

The traditional points for cupping to rid the entire body of dead blood cells when performed in the same cupping session are;

  1. the two points adjacent to the seventh vertebra (heart position in acupuncture terms) on the back, approximately two inches from the spine.
  2. the tail of the spine
  3. the two inner positions of the feet on the ankle
  4. and the top back side of the head normally where balding first starts and the hair moves out from all directions.

When the above points are cupped in one session it is sufficient to clean the entire body. No other points on the body need to be cupped when all of these points are cupped during the same cupping session. Most patients will not accept cupping the back of the head as shaving the spot that needs to be cupped is unacceptable to most patients. It is highly recommended that all these points be cupped in one session to clean the entire body.

We only recommend cupping the head on the 19th and 21st days of the lunar month.

These above described locations are the only cupping positions that the Broken Earth healers advise for preventative cupping and the positions they cup themselves. Excessive use of cupping is unnecessary and can be harmful. All patients should be cupped in the sitting position unless medical circumstances warrant otherwise.

For specific complaints and local injury, cupping can be applied most anywhere that it is possible to place a cup and obtain a good seal. Cuppers should exercise good judgment when applying cups to sensitive areas of the body. Most cupping practitioners have taken to charging per cup and thus the economic pressures to over cup are very real - a practice we strongly discourage. If properly performed, over cupping will likely have no real adverse impact on the health of a patient. Nonetheless, conservative cupping is recommended because infection and the potential marks resulting from cupping are possible. It is normally sufficient to use one cup to alleviate local conditions or injury and for one session only.

There are varying opinions about the best places to be cupped. Acupuncture points may or may not provide insight into the best positions to cup. Common sense suggests that there is some correlation but evidence is almost all anecdotal. Some mention of optimal places to cup are made in the sayings or teachings of Prophet Muhammad (saw). The strength or accuracy of some of these teachings are sometimes debated amongst learned persons. These above concerns and points of debate mostly boil down to arguments that frustrate the industry and cause unnecessary concerns for patients.

True healers listen to the patient and then combine that information with a sense where the injury is present. It is a process of training that requires the practitioner to listen to their heart not their mind and know from spiritual understanding what place on the body will result in the most benefit from cupping. This is not something you can learn in books. Those person trained in Reika will likely have a better idea what we are attempting to convey more than most.

Despite our many warnings, the cupping industry will inevitably go the same way as the rest of the medical industry has proceeded. That medical industry is doing much harm and actually promotes more disease than it cures. When profit becomes the motive over service unto your Lord, the benefits of cupping as well as all other remedies is greatly diminished. For a more in depth discussion on these aspects of medicine read: Introduction to Natural Healing

We should all work to keep the practice of cupping as close to the methods utilized and prescribed by Prophets and Saints as possible. So much religious knowledge is being presented as academic knowledge. The spiritual aspect of religious understanding is being buried in the arguments and debates coming from people who like the following example - claim to know about marriage from reading 100 books on the subject but who have never actually been married or loved. They are foolish people claiming to know something they know nothing about. If you want to learn about marriage you must go to your heart. When you have questions you must go to someone who knows, like your grandparents. People with real experience who can provide good advice.

What works best with all healing methods and treatments is a full understanding that all cures come from the Creator.

Conditions & Dangers

Improper cupping procedures can cause blood clotting and lead to much more severe problems.

Patients should never rest after a procedure, remaining moderately active for several hours.

Cupping (healing) is more of a spiritual process than a physical process, find a cupper who understands the difference. 

Cupping can be dangerous if not performed properly. Aggressive treatments (as seen in the picture) on several different parts of the body are to be avoided. Treatment performed outside of the optimal odd lunar calendar, last half of the lunar month, on spring and fall days is not recommended except in emergency situations only.

When the procedure is performed correctly and follow-up directions observed, there is very little risk involved with cupping. One out of every twenty-five people may experience some light headedness and some may even faint. This is normally the result of not having followed the preliminary restrictions or possibly due to weakness from an oncoming cold or flu. The real danger is falling and hitting your head as we always perform cupping in the seated position facing a prescribed direction. With proper monitoring this danger is greatly minimized. Any signs of dizziness or cold sweats should be reported immediately.

The following precautions should be followed

  • Persons interested in Cupping need to abstain from sexual intercourse 48 hours before the treatment is scheduled.
  • The day of the procedure patients should avoid food and drink, especially dairy products. One cup of Non-acidic herbal tea is permitted to help waken.
  •  A warm shower should be taken as close to the time of the procedure as practical.
  • The tendency to become tired after cupping and want to rest is common but resting must be avoided for at least the first few hours after the procedure. This is why we schedule all cupping in the morning to avoid people from resting soon after the procedure and to make the fasting easier. Inactivity can result in the promotion of blood clotting, which is why resting is highly discouraged. In fact a half hour to one hour walk is highly recommended. The danger of clotting is rare but nonetheless possible. especially if falling asleep after the procedure.
  • Red marks from the cupping normally fade within a few days, depending on skin type. Do not scratch the cupped areas.
  • The small shallow incisions necessary to extract the dead blood cells may take a few weeks to heal. In some cases faint tiny lines of scarring may persist.

Massage or Dry Cupping

The popularity of massage cupping has grown in recent years and is now being offered as the latest treatment at many spas and by massage therapists looking to expand their services. As stated above, the main risks associated with cupping are from blood clotting. Massage therapists who draw dead blood cells to the surface of the skin and do not extract the dead blood cells from the body are greatly increasing the chance of blood clotting. While short sessions of cupping that do not cause red marks or bring dead blood cells to the surface may not carry any dangers of blood clotting, the benefits do not outweigh the potential risks and we recommend not utilizing this massage technique. As soon as cups are placed on the skin, dead blood cells start to be drawn from the body to the specific site. Massage alone is sufficient to promote circulation and healing - cupping should be reserved for removing dead blood cells from the body. A light message on areas to be cupped is favorable before cupping.


The information offered here is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be used as a means to perform cupping on patients without proper experience and training. While a rather simple procedure to perform, cupping is part of a healing discipline that often takes years of spiritual training to master. Please take the Cupping 101 Course if interested in becoming a cupping practitioner. We do hope that those believing they already posses the requirements to perform cupping will benefit from this offering and incorporate these conservative teachings into their own practice. Nothing here is intended as medical advise. If experiencing medical problems, consult a trained professional.

Help Promote Responsible Hijama

Remember, there are a number of nefarious practitioners out there who are distorting the practice of cupping and turning it into a business enterprise as is most of the medical industry. Please help us promote the safe and effective use of cupping by linking people to this free information. We currently enjoy the top position on most search engines because we have been at this the longest and understand how search engine optimization works. One of the best ways to keep this free and accurate information available and at the top of search engines is to link to this page from your own websites, blogs, on-line articles or emails. Unlike businesses, we do not have deep pockets to hire SEO experts or buy top positions.

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Hijama vs. Cupping is an important work in helping to restore the honor of the ijaaza system and glorify Islam once again. We encourage everyone who believes in this book and what it has to offer to help promote it by including the following icon on your website, Facebook account, blog, etc. You can also sign up to become an affiliate at Amazon.com and earn money while promoting the book.

The book offers much more than just information on Hijama, addressing many important health issues and concerns for everyone looking for optimal health.


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